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Neighbors in the Night

Are you lucky enough to depend on your neighbors? So are we, though they don't live next door; they live across the water.

There’s a great thing about yacht crew… we have each other’s back, hopefully just like your neighbors have yours. Whether it’s commiserating over difficult charter guests, helping solve a problem with a generator, or even solving a family challenge, we’re there for each other. We might only be available for an hour or a late night emergency, but if we’re needed, we help. Do you have neighbors just like that?

Tell us your favorite neighbor story and we’ll share it! Even better, take a "family" photo and post it!

Being a “yachty” is an odd career, and we’re blessed with an informal fraternity (females included) where nobody knows last names but everyone knows who works on what boat. Yachting can be lonely, so we treasure our club. We’re away from family and friends most of the year and almost always at holidays. The friends we make in yachting pass the test of time, pretty phenomenal considering many times we see each other for only a couple of hours or maybe for one cocktail before we set off for the next port. Sometimes we simply pass on the water, but never miss the chance to send a shout out.

Winston and I have bumped into crew friends from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, sitting in a bar in the Bahamas more than a thousand miles away. Fellow crew from the BVI were our surprise official welcoming committee when we arrived in New York Harbor for the first time. A generous captain who was gracious enough to come to my rescue one dark night during a treacherous storm in Sag Harbor, NY, has crossed paths with us in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and the San Juan Islands off British Columbia, Canada. From New York to Mexico to Canada to the Caribbean– for a few hours or maybe just a coffee – we maintain our friendship.

The yachting world may seem all gold and glittery and untouchable, but its crews are neighborly too, human, personable and helpful. And there’s a yacht more to the story…

Tell us your neighborly story!

Winston Hovey and Cynthia Zvanut Hovey transformed their desire to simplify their lives and be free of all their “stuff” into a mutual second career in paradise, first running a pirate bar and then as crew on megayachts. Their new book, "There's a Yacht More to Life," spans 25 years of their adventurous career makeover.  For more information contact Winston and Cynthia at

Some of Our Family of Crewmembers

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