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Our Book

There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting 
and enslaving than life at sea. - Joseph Conrad
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Ever wish you could just chuck everything, live on an island, sail off into the sunset?

This is our story—a baby-boomer couple who abandoned our San Diego corporate lifestyle, and all our “stuff,” for a life in the Caribbean. Spanning twenty-five years, the pitfalls we navigated, and the transition from minimum wage at a pirate bar to running megayachts and handling millionaire yacht owners, make hurricanes look like child’s play.


We wanted more out of our lives after forty. We learned to expect less too. ​At times we lowered our expectations to the depths of our souls. We weathered twelve hurricanes and hosted 100-plus charters, outlived three firings, endured five resignations, even survived life in a van without divorcing—all the while looking for that perfect job.


The idea for this book came from a seven-year-old guest aboard a charter yacht we were running.  “You guys are so lucky,” she’d said with wide-eyed envy.  “You get to go on everybody’s vacation!”


There’s a yacht more to the story that kept this romance underway at full speed. Our story might compel you to revisit your own dreams, seize unexpected opportunities and, just maybe, find your own paradise.


"What a fun read...took it on a weekend get-a-way to Florida. A fun peek of how the wealthy live and how two gutsy people made their dreams come true." - Janet

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