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Listen, Mister

Out of the mouths of babes…

Two little girls were among Winston’s favorites on chrter.... He recalls, “Catherine and Elizabeth, two tiny little girls with huge personalities and quick-as-lightening whit, starred in one of our all-time favorite charters. Catherine and Elizabeth wrapped themselves around my legs almost hourly and talked my ear off, no kidding -- starting at six in the morning! They absorbed everything that went on, even when Cynthia would tell me to take out the trash. She still often quotes four-year-old Elizabeth pointing her little finger up at me and bossing, ‘Listen, mister, you better listen to Cynthia and do whatever she says.’ Lizzy’s mom was aghast, but I thought it hilarious. Cynthia mimics that ‘Listen, Mister’ tone complete with the finger still to this day.

Winston & Cynthia

“These kids kept me hopping from morning till night.  They bested me at “Go Fish,” and played “Pirates” so much I practically drowned walking the plank. The yacht was alive with giggling the entire week.”

That’s what made chartering so much fun!

Winston Hovey and Cynthia Zvanut Hovey transformed their desire to simplify their lives and be free of all their “stuff” into a mutual second career in paradise, first running a pirate bar and then as crew on megayachts. Their new book, "There's a Yacht More to Life," spans 25 years of their adventurous career makeover. For more information contact Winston and Cynthia at

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