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How Can I Tell if I'd Like Being Crew?

Let’s ask a different question… how do I know if Im NOT cut out for yachting?

You love taking long showers.

You spend more than four minutes fixing your hair and makeup.

You’re fixated on “alone” time.

You only eat sitting down.

You hate people touching your stuff.

You can’t live without your phone.

You hate being cramped.

You’re a clothes hound.

You’re a shoe hound.

You’re a night person.

You’re in love with a landlubber.

You require stability.

If more than one of the above statements describes you, crewing yachts won’t be your dream job.

Here’s a test:

Pretend you are crew on a yacht, and you just pulled in to an exotic tropical port in the Caribbean after eighteen long hours crossing the rough Gulf Stream. Just when you’re planning to take advantage of some alone time and squeeze in your first lovely dip in the sea, the captain announces an immediate change of plans. The owner wants to return home… now! All plans aborted. Back over the Gulf Stream you go, eighteen more grueling hours.

Would you feel A) cheated? B) angry? C) happy to be going out to sea again or D) proud of your flexibility?

If you didn’t choose C or D, you might have a hard time being crew.

On the other hand, if you did choose C or D, there might be a yacht more to the story…

Winston Hovey and Cynthia Zvanut Hovey transformed their desire to simplify their lives and be free of all their “stuff” into a mutual second career in paradise, first running a pirate bar and then as crew on megayachts. Their new book, "There's a Yacht More to Life," spans 25 years of their adventurous career makeover. For more information contact Winston and Cynthia at

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