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For All You Tentative Swimmers, Let Me Hold Your Noodle

Feel more like an elephant than a dolphin when you “dress” in mask, fins and snorkel?

Then let me hold your noodle…

A noodle, first of all, isn’t a long stringy piece of pasta -- or a male appendage! It’s a round, flexible, five-foot long piece of Styrofoam about four inches in diameter. Think of it as your go-to swimming tool. It’s main ingredient: flotation. It’s added spice: bright colors that keeps it (and you) visible for all to see. A noodle floats. More to the point, a noodle will keep youfloating – and relaxed – and within eyesight of everyone your next snorkeling adventure. Peace of mind in technicolor…

The secret to security in the water centers on your security. And your security, in this case, centers on your armpits… lovely thought, I know, but keep reading. Tuck a bright orange or day-glow chartreuse noodle across your chest and under your armpits. The two long ends of the noodle now stick out and up comfortably on either side of you. Now try snorkeling. Face mask dipping in and out of the water easily, fins tailing along behind, you’ll be spying tropical fish and hermit crabs crossing the sandy bottom with the eagle eye of an osprey. And always remaining on top of the surface, you’ll feel relaxed and safe.

I’ve used noodles to free many tentative charter guests from their nervousness. “Hey, let me hold your noodle!” is one of my most common requests. One time my oversized and but now confident male guest attached to his noodle was swimming away a bit too fast.  I hollered, “Hey,I'm going to grab your noodle,” just as a boat load of people cruised by. He knew what I meant, but not sure they did!

Winston Hovey and Cynthia Zvanut Hovey transformed their desire to simplify their lives and be free of all their “stuff” into a mutual second career in paradise, first running a pirate bar and then as crew on megayachts. Their new book, "There's a Yacht More to Life," spans 25 years of their adventurous career makeover.  For more information contact Winston and Cynthia at

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