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A Dream Career Makeover
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Running Mega Yachts
"Couldn't put it down."

"This book is amazing."

"Such a great book."

"Thanks for writing
such a great book."

Winston & Cynthia

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Our dream of a simpler more adventurous life led us to a palm

frond hut and a surprising

career makeover.

There's a Yacht More to Life!

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LOOKING FOR YOUR PARADISE   Abandoning our corporate lifestyle and all our "stuff" for a job in the Caribbean might compel you to visit your own dreams and search out your own paradise.

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Learn about downsizing, working in the Caribbean, yacht crew stories, recognizing career opportunities and following dreams. Dont forget to sign up for our FREE chapter!

 5 STARS - Absolute Gem of Adventures

Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020 on Amazon


Absolutely loved this book and all the adventures they encountered on the route to their dream job! I read it slowly because I didn’t want the stories to end. Gave me much hope to follow my own dream of someday living in the Caribbean

"A delightful story of a couple of real people who did what most of us aren't brave enough to do."

"Love this book. A must read for us who love adventure." - Norma C.

"I am not finished with There's a Yacht More to Life but have been impressed with your writing and amazed for a couple reasons. First, your openness and honesty, which makes it much more compelling and also helpful for those that want to follow your path. Second, I felt I had gone through so many adventures and when I looked, I was only around 1/3rd of the way through the book. You put Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones to shame for adventures." - Jim White 

"Just finished your superb book. I found this “2nd career” biography and personal memoir to be highly enjoyable reading and expertly written.  I’ve been sailing and reading (mainly non-fiction) boating related books for about 50 years, so my objective opinion is based on “old guy” experience.  My wife and I have a 28’ sloop at Oceanside CA harbor, so please consider this offer.  Would you kindly sign my copy of your book and allow us to host a meal for you, either in Carlsbad or at Oceanside Harbor."  - DB & Pat Titus

"One of my favorite books. Written by one of my favorite couples. Cynthia and Winston! When you read this book and you don’t make your dreams come true you’re just not trying hard enough. Like I just told them…You’re the most interesting couple in the world!  Read There's A Yacht More to Life!" - Tanya

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